Andy C Literally Set The Basspod Stage Ablaze At EDC Las Vegas


The EDM world has been proliferated with an ongoing joke for a while now where fans and DJs alike refer to good tunes as “fire,” often utilizing the refrain “it’s lit, fam” to denote a particularly good track or a really good DJ set. But the popular turn of phrase couldn’t prepare dance music fans for what would happen at EDC Las Vegas over the weekend.

English producer Andy C is recognized in the electronic music scene for his explosive productions, but the drum and bass pioneer dropped a set on day two of EDC that literally saw the Basspod stage engulfed in flames. A video captured by a festival goer in attendance at EDC documented the crazy event, as stage props catch fire during the set.

Luckily, the blaze stayed contained to the stage production, as the situation easily could have turned disastrous and endangered the lives of thousands of people. The crowds were just lucky that Andy C has such a masterful command of fire beats, or the whole venue likely would have gone up in flames.