Avril Lavigne Readying Her Next Album


The next era of Avril Lavigne music appears to be coming in the near future.

The Canadian pop singer has been in the studio all throughout this year writing songs, and she has even been working with her estranged husband, Nickelback frontman Chad Kroger.

It seems as though now there’s a little more activity, and new music may actually be coming into fruition. In a Facebook post from Rodney Howard, Lavigne’s drummer, he shared a throwback video clip of their performance of “Here’s To Never Growing Up” on the The Jay Leno Show with the caption, “Looks like the Disco Ball drums are gonna be coming back out for some September/October action.”

Whether that means that he’ll be recording for Lavigne music come September/October or perhaps playing shows that will be supporting a new album, it looks like major news isn’t too far away.

Last year, Avril Lavigne made headlines as she revealed her ongoing battle with Lyme disease. She also released the song “Fly,” which served as the theme to the 2015 Special Olympics. In late 2015, the singer was featured on Nick Carter’s solo record, All American, on the track, “Get Over Me.” She hasn’t been totally out of the spotlight in recent years then, but we’re certainly eager for more new music from her.