Baauer Drops Aa B-Side Originally Meant For Fetty Wap


Baauer is back to offer up some new music this week as he drops a B-Side from his debut album Aa titled “Candyman.” The song was originally produced with Fetty Wap in mind, though it was shelved after the two settled on “Promises” for their collaborative effort. Due to popular request though, the viral hit maker has now made the song available through LuckyMe Records.

“Candyman” kicks off with a gritty synth loop and drifting ambience, before a repeated vocal sample joins the mix. Bauuer begins to layer in light percussion elements as the music grows more intense, leading into a trap section driven by booming sub bass and twisted vocal chops. The version heard is an instrumental, but it’s not hard to imagine how Fetty Wap’s signature flow could have fit into the production.

“Candyman” features all the hallmarks we’ve come to expect from Baauer, as he blends slow riding hip hop grooves against a forward thinking electronic backdrop. Fans have been wanting to hear the tune for a while now, and thankfully the “Harlem Shake” producer has offered it up as a free download, which can be found here.

Source: Your EDM