Bam Grows Up With Newest Video

For a young and rising rapper, Bam has certainly been keeping busy. Barely a week after the release of his first song, he’s hit Youtube with another track and video, this one titled Grow Up. Sampling Lady Gaga‘s song Hair, Bam insists he refuses to grow up into a boring lifestyle. His newest effort is much more optimistic than Heavy and definitely a lot poppier. But hey, just let him describe it for you:

Grow Up is an anthem that bridges rap, pop, and alternative sensibilities.  It’s about putting yourself out there and following your dreams.  Whether you’re in high school, getting ready to graduate from college, or in the workplace, Grow Up is a fun rebuke against all the people that have ever told you “no” in life.

Although he’s still barely got his toe in the scene, Bam has already proven that he might have what it takes to get some attention. He’s already shown that he knows how to sample pop music in his raps in an interesting way, so now all we can do is sit back and see what else he has to offer. Check out the video below, and be sure to follow Bam on Twitter at @iambammusic!

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