Bassjackers, Joe Ghost And MOTi Fall Flat With “On The Floor Like”


How does Spinnin’ Records keep allowing these big room house trainwrecks to unfold? Bassjackers, Joe Ghost and MOTi have previewed an upcoming collaboration titled “On The Floor Like” that takes an already played-out electronic music genre and renders it even more painful to listen to.

To be fair, while the buildup of “On The Floor Like” isn’t entirely my cup of tea, it’s not straight-up musical sacrilege, either. The anthemic synth lead could certainly work in certain settings – like a packed festival main stage, or a suspenseful scene in a ’90s action movie, for instance.

However, as with a lot of recent Spinnin’ releases, the drop comes across as a halfhearted attempt to push creative boundaries by incorporating elements of bass house into a melody that doesn’t even seem to harmonize correctly. Being that Bassjackers is a duo, the track makes for yet another example of four Dutch artists collaborating on something that could just as easily have been produced by one.

Bassjackers, Joe Ghost and MOTi’s “On The Floor Like” will come out through Spinnin’ Records on March 14th.

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