Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Enlist W&W As Not-So-Ghost Producers For “Arcade”


At this point, wouldn’t it make more sense for Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike to just call themselves a label instead of an act? The duo have collaborated with W&W on a progressive house track titled “Arcade” – and by that, I mean that W&W made a track titled “Arcade” and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike got to put their names on it for some reason.

After all, “Arcade” is almost entirely devoid of any influence from last year’s DJ Mag #1 DJ award recipients. The borderline marching band-inspired pulse of W&W’s more recent progressive house style is certainly evident, but aside from played-out vocal samples urging the listener to put their hands up, little else suggests any creative input from the other camp.

That might be for the best, though, as it could be in W&W’s best interests to only take half credit for something as stylistically bland as “Arcade.” For better or worse, the full version of the track will be available on February 29th.

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