Don Diablo’s “Tonight” Is Musical Torture


I keep questioning whether I’ve been too unfairly critical of Don Diablo over the months – then he releases something new to justify my vitriol. “Tonight” must be a sign that Spinnin’ Records is imploding, because even though he puts out non-music like this he stands among their fastest-rising artists in 2015, while more deserving DJ/producers leave the label in droves.

The common theme in every Don Diablo track is that each buildup is passable, but then it spills into a future house drop that falls too far outside the confines of what makes sense melodically. “Tonight” fits this trend to a T. The breakbeat percussion and clubby vocal samples hooked me for several measures, only to completely betray me with a bass line that could have sufficed at being cliché but instead went the extra mile to be patently absurd. I suppose I’ve got another year of ridiculing Don Diablo ahead of me.

Listen to “Tonight” in the SoundCloud player above and tell me whether or not you agree with my assessment of the track in the comments section below.