Don Diablo And Khrebto’s Got The Love Has Got Nothing On The Original


Remember that time Don Diablo blew us all away with an amazing new remix? No? Oh, that’s right, neither do I.

It seems like every EDM artist under the sun has remixed something by Florence + the Machine over the past few years, but very rarely do any of them do it justice. The most recent producer to step up to the plate is Don Diablo, who teamed up with new kid on the block Khrebto for this entirely forgettable rendition of “You’ve Got The Love” (which itself is a cover of a song of its namesake by The Source featuring Candi Staton).

Curiously, no reference is even made to the source material on the SoundCloud upload, even though a pitch-shifted version of the iconic vocal in its near entirety sets the tone of the entire track. What Don Diablo and Khrebto do bring to the conversation is an overproduced rave piano melody and interchangeable synth lead that – in true Don Diablo fashion – sound too busy to be memorable.

The collaboration was apparently supposed to serve as a springboard for Khrebto’s career as little other information about the artist is available and he has yet to populate his SoundCloud with any other tracks or mixes.

“Being one of a kind and letting his unique music speak for itself, got [Khrebto] the blessing of no other than DJ and producer superstar Don Diablo,” reads a passage from his bio.

While teaming up with Don Diablo on a remix like “Got The Love” makes for dubious beginnings in my book, Khrebto may still prove himself with upcoming originals. And, you can count on us to deliver more from the rising talent as he makes it available.