Don Diablo Had Too Much On His Mind With This Track


Jesus, Don Diablo, walk it back a little bit.

We’ve come to expect the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink style of future/progressive/electro house pioneered by Don Diablo, but there’s still such a thing as being too eclectic. The Dutch DJ/producer has released “On My Mind” through Spinnin’ Records this week and, well, it’s kinda got a lot going on.

It starts off promising enough, with a soulful vocal and atmospheric squelch effect setting an upbeat tone for the rest of the production. Once the rubbery future house organ synths kick in, a horn section blaring out over them is a bit distracting – but again, this is Don Diablo, so you kind of expect elements of the arrangement to be over the top.

Then, the ludicrous keyboard solo arrives to assault your senses. I’m not sure if Diablo had a mescaline flashback and momentarily thought he was writing a song for progressive metal band Dream Theater or if he sought to emulate the worst parts of Zedd’s last album, but it just plain doesn’t work.

Give the new track, “On My Mind,” a listen in the player above and tell us, do you like what you hear, or do you feel like it was a little all over the place? Sound off in the comments section!