Above & Beyond’s A.I. Is A Brilliant Return To Trance Roots


Excuse us while we finish salivating. Above & Beyond can do no wrong, and their latest production is further testament to their role as kings of trance.

Debuted on Above & Beyond Group Therapy 150, the track is titled “A.I.” and it’s a certified gem of everything we love about the English producers. The track builds upon the themes of last year’s We Are All We Need, but keeps us on our toes with some unexpected inspirations chiming through.

Between orchestral builds, arpeggiated lasers, and evanescent synths, this really is a magical production. Above & Beyond has pulled from several inspirations, tossing in bits of Andrew Bayer’s style, and that guitar riff hits us right where Daft Punk left off with “Aerodynamic.”

But the breakdown, oh, the breakdown! The trio takes it back with this one, opting for a hint of static to accentuate a forcefully blown out lead. The whole thing flaps about in the wake of the arrangement, guided by perfectly timed bleeps and rising string pads.

Have a listen to Above & Beyond’s “A.I.” above and as always, let us know what you think.

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