Cedric Gervais And Jack Wilby’s “With You” Gets A B&W Music Video


It’s been a couple months since Cedric Gervais released “With You” featuring Jack Wilby, and it’s had some time to reach the ears of electronic music fans given that festival season is under way. And now that people are starting to get familiar with the track, the producer has dropped the official video for the song to expose it to an even wider audience.

The clip uses black-and-white surrealist drawings to depict a romantic night out on the town. Much of the art and animation is stylized with an endearing crudeness, but it somehow makes more sense than it would if everything looked 100% photorealistic throughout.

As for the track itself, “With You” boasts all the hallmarks of mainstream electronic music. Wilby’s rich, soulful vocal is underscored by a elegantly simple piano melody before a series of claps lathers it up to a crescendo of synth stacks at the drop. While sonically balanced, the arrangement doesn’t take any creative risks – but for what it is, it doesn’t really have to.

Anyways, check out the music video for Cedric Gervais‘ latest track above and let us know what you think.