Clean Bandit Drop Upbeat Remix Of Flume’s “Say It”


After breaking a year long silence back in May with the release of “Tears,” Clean Bandit have returned with a new remix of Flume’s “Say It” featuring Tove Lo from his sophomore album, Skin. “Say It” served as one of the more memorable pop collaborations on Skin, and Clean Bandit are the perfect group to remix the tune with their expert blending of dance music and mainstream hooks.

Where the original single opted for a head nodding future bass rhythm, Clean Bandit choose to pick up the pace with their remix and deliver some upbeat house grooves. The tune opens with Tove Lo’s familiar vocal hooks set against a stark backdrop complete with finger snaps and a slow rolling chord progression. Offbeat tropical bass plucks soon enter the mix alongside shuffled drum patterns as catchy bell melodies collide between the intricate rhythms.

Clean Bandit keep things subdued in order to maintain focus on the topline hooks, crafting a simple dance backdrop for Tove Lo’s voice to flourish against. They keep the production open and airy while still delivering enough energy for the clubs, and their “Say It” remix ranks as a worthy follow up to the original single.