CONTEST: Win Two Free Tickets To VELD Music Festival

Listen up Toronto readers, we know it’s short notice but we just received two tickets to the VELD Music Festival and we’re giving them away to one lucky reader!

Set to feature some of the biggest names in electronic/dance music, the VELD Music Festival will be taking place this weekend (August 4th and 5th) at Downsview Park. Rain or shine, over the course of two days and spanning across multiple stages, this all ages festival is going to be one to remember.

Avicii, Deadmau5, Steve Aoki, Steve Angello and more will be taking the stage at Downsview Park to provide fans one of the biggest music events of the summer. Trust me when I say, you do not want to miss out on this.

To enter, simply like us on Facebook and leave a comment here letting us know why you want to go.

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  1. Stevensays:


  2. Dania Hasansays:

    I want to be able to take my best friend to this festival since she can’t afford to go. It will mean the world to me to be able to go with my best friend to our first festival together!

  3. ashlenasays:

    I am dying to go to this festival. it’s the one festival I’ve always wanted to go to but it’s always bad timing financially. Please pick me! I’m a huge music lover and I’ll be dancing all night!

  4. natalie ahardhisays:

    It would be such an amazing experience to go to VELD music festival with my best friend! We are big fans of Calvin Harris and Armin Van Buuren. We were both extremely busy with taking a summer course all of July. It would mean the world to spend the first few days of our “actual” summer at VELD Music Festival.

  5. Michael Sagesays:

    Veld last year was amazing, and this year I would liek to experiance it again with the love of my life 🙂 Pick me so I can take my GF

  6. Brookesays:

    I love the entire veld experience! I want to go back more than anything. Seeing Oliver Heldens live would be a dream come true and i’ve been dying to see adventure time! My friends are all going, and i’ve really been trying to save money for school so at the time of sale, i wasnt able to buy tickets! It would be such an incredible dream come true if i could win one. 🙂

  7. Anthony Rubicinisays:

    I want to go because of the unique talent that is basically a once in a life time chance to see ! I love music and all genres of music, but electronic dance music is my favourite ! I produce my self so I find a deep connection to this music ! I have been listening my whole life ! Plus I was the unlucky guy who couldnt get early birds since that is all I could really afford !! If I won that would be freaking awesome ! I really really wan to go ! As well this would be my first time attending both days !

  8. Guestsays:

    I want to go to Veld because the experience of an electronic music festival is one in a million. I have yet to have the chance to go to Veld, let alone, see any of the amazing djs play. I am unable to attend because I have been having a very rough time financially for a while now and am unable to buy a ticket. My boyfriend is also leaving and I wanted to surprise him with Veld tickets so we can have one last amazing experience before he goes. Going to Veld would be a dream come true.

  9. Wendy Dynes Pluchinosays:

    All my 18 year old daughter is talking about is the veld concert coming up that she cannot afford to go to. I would love to go with her to this concert so I can be the COOL MOM again. We’ll needed bonding time.

  10. Simeon Charles Jrsays:

    I want to go to VELD because I missed out on digital dreams and I have never been to VELD or digital dreams and I have never been to a rave and all my friends are going to VELD

  11. Pikasays:

    Hello, I want to go to to Veld Music Festival because I have never gone to any music festival before and I heard that Veld is one of the most EPIC experiences that anyone can have. I appreciate all types of music and I know that this music festival would be unforgettable, and even more because it would be my first time there. This is the first summer in a long time that I am free to enjoy. Having overly strict parents, I have missed out on many experiences and memories that many young people go through. Now that I am older, I want to make up for the time lost and attend this EPIC music festival! Please pick me, it would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Christena Messehsays:

    I would love to win tickets to the Veld Music Festival because I want to surprise my best friend with the tickets. She has been spending her whole summer studying for the MCATS and has not had any time to do anything this summer. Her test is in a month and she always feels guilty if she plans to go out or takes a day off. We both love all of the dj’s playing at Veld and I know it would be her dream to go this year! I know with your help, I can surprise her with the tickets and we both would have the most amazing weekend of our lives. We would be the happiest fans if we were to be picked! Thank you so much for your time 🙂 – Christena

  13. Ivana :)says:

    I want to go to Veld because I am a die hard Calvin fan and after seeing him last weekend in Vegas I can’t get enough, oh and I am entering second year med (as in a year of torture) this would be the perfect little getaway weekend prior to the fall!! eee, I’ve only heard amazing things about veld!

  14. Cammy Cotésays:

    My best friend and I are dying to go to Veld Music Festival, the chance to see Calvin Harris, Armin and Zedd would be phenomenal! My best friend is leaving to study abroad for a year and her birthday is this weekend this would be one of the best ways for us to celebrate before she leaves! We would be forever grateful, and with your help i can send her off across the world with an AMAZING memory from the summer! -Cammy

  15. tracysays:

    suck a dick no way will u give the tickets out

  16. Rachel Jacobssays:

    it would be awesome to attend one of toronto’s biggest concert of the year!

  17. Chyna Mercersays:

    I would love nothing more then too save some money for school and still be able to enjoy summer, please <3

  18. Tara A Mahamadsays:

    I’d love to go to veld one because I’ve never went and i missed the deadline for the ealiy bird tickets, I’ve always gotten amazing reviews and i hear that its amazing, and i’d love to go. I adore avicii, deadmau5, steve aoki with my heart and soul! please pick me !!!!!!!!!

  19. Becca Weisssays:

    Would be my first music festival!! Bonding with my brother who I haven’t seen in such a long time, and all my favourites are going to be there!!! Plus my summer is awful and this would be an awesome way to make it 1000x better.

  20. Paulina Rodriguessays:

    I want to go to veld because Oliver Heldens is my favourite DJ and I just want to dance with some beautiful people to some beautiful music!

  21. Anne Guccisays:

    I want to go to veld this year cause digital dreams was a big disappointment and this would be my first year going to veld

  22. Debra Goldfarbsays:

    Would love to see deadmau5!!

  23. Haider Warraichsays:

    I love to go this festival because i am a huge Deadmau5 and Nicky Romero fan and would love to see both of these Djs again

  24. Justin Taylorsays:

    I want to go to VELD because of Day 2 lineup….enough said! All my favourite producer in one spot…..Something I don’t want to miss!

  25. kitty☠says:

    I would kill to see Deadmau5 live!! I’m always watching the live sets he throws on and it’s sick! I went to veld last year but didn’t get to fully experience how awesome veld could be because of the weather! This year every single festival I’ve gone to has gotten rained out, I haven’t had the chance to actually enjoy myself at a festival! Because I spent all my money on wasted festivals I can’t afford tickets for veld … The line up is sick and the weather is supposed to be nice. Please help a girl out and let her rave happily !!

  26. Dylansays:

    I could litteraly wright a bunch of b.s as to why I wanna go to veld but the real reason Im entering this contest is because I’m a broke as student who wants to party like a rockstar… Is that to much to ask?

  27. Evan Alejandrosays:

    I want to go to Veld because it is my dream to see Deadmau5 in Toronto again. I saw him at Veld a couple years ago and it was the best DJ set I’ve ever seen!

  28. Nancy Fazzinisays:

    I want to go to VELD because I went the first year and was able to secure 8 early bird tickets for my friends who couldn’t afford to go otherwise. I haven’t been able to go since but would love to take one special friend with me who has never gone and is in a tight spot right now. I also have a wicked peacock costume that I have worn at festivals around the world and would love for my hometown, Toronto, to finally see it!

  29. karensays:

    I want to go to veld because I’ve never seen edm and similar genres live. I would love to win because I can’t afford the tickets and would like to surprise my boyfriend

  30. Alisha Thaparsays:

    I love to go to VELD because I have never been to an edm festival before though i have a love for edm music. I feel like it is an experience that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy at least once in their lives. I would be so beyond excited to have the chance to go

  31. Jessica Allensays:

    I’d love to go and take my best friend. His dad died recently and he has no other family. It would be nice to see him crack a smile again and he loves this music and has mentioned he would love to go.

  32. Maggie Deesays:

    I would love to win these tickets for my son. He is the best son a Mom could wish for, he is a hard worker and is going to school. He is a huge fan of EDM and an aspiring DJ. He is in business management and a go getter. Money is tight with school and it would be the best surprise for him.

  33. Alexsays:

    I have heard only amazing things about Veld. I’ve been to Digital the passed three years, and everyone has told me that I need to experience Veld for life to be complete lol. My best friend is home from school from the US and it would be great to go to Toronto for one last bash before summer comes to an end, and we have to go our separate ways for the next 8 months. Sadly, money is an issue at this point, would love to win this contest and finally be at Veld 2015!!

  34. Jaden Esmailsays:

    I want the tickets because I love EDM and my friend has never experienced a rave. His birthday’s coming up and I’d love this to be a part of his gift!

  35. Amanda O'Briensays:

    I would love to go to Veld! I recently just lost my part time job which I was saving up for this event because Martin Garrix is going, and I am a DIE HARD fan and have always tried to see him, but never saved up enough. WInnning these tickets to Veld would honestly be the best thing to happen to me in a long time, and would really make me happy! This would be the best birthday gift I could ever ask for.

  36. Emily Pollingtonsays:

    I have been dreaming of going to a festival but have never had the money. This summer my boyfriend and I moved from thunder bay to St catharines to work and save money to be able to go to veld because it’s all our favorite artists. He has never even been to a concert. This festival would just mean so much to us, we met through galantis and chainsmokers music. Thanks!

  37. The Chainsmokers and Travis Scott are two of my favourite artists – it would be so awesome to see them live! This would also be such a nice surprise for my boyfriend who’s a big fan of electronic music and is in Canada for the summer. Such an epic event that I’ve always wanted to go to but honestly speaking, seem to be such an expensive event. Thank you! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  38. Misha Rozhkovsays:

    I want to go because I am huge Martin Garrix fan and I have never been to a real rave in my life yet!

  39. Jordan Ray Coutinhosays:

    Well, Im normally a big hip hop head. I’ve been to OVO the last couple of years. However, this summer has been my “try new things” summer. I started it off by finishing my college diploma in Marketing and then doing a 180 and switching into nursing, which i started 5 weeks ago. So I definitely wanna continue that trend and try going to an electronic festival . I always been down with EDM, pretty excited about Martin Garrix and Chainsmokers and its a huge plus for me that Travis Scott is performing (saw him at OVO last year, that boys crazy!). Plus a lot of people I know who have been to it in the past have nothing but good things to say! Anyway being a new student all over again and all it’d be awesome to get hooked up with some free tickets!

  40. Jordyn Clarksays:

    I want to get to veld because this will be my fourth year going, my favourite DJ is playing & it would be unreal to win tickets as I could then take my cousin who is coming to visit from England who has never been to a festival before!!!!! Please make her & my dream come true ❤️

  41. Calebsays:

    Ive went the the festival past 2 years and it would suck if i missed it this year. Also would be a great present for my boyfriend we’re dying to go just dont have the money

  42. Stephanie Kasays:

    I want to go to veld because I want to take my best friend who is always there for me and my role model!! I would love to surprise her with this because she always surprises me with things! I am also entering my graduate studies and this is my first semester off since I started my undergrad, and would love to spend my time off at veld 😀

  43. Jordan GPsays:

    I want to win tickets to veld for my brother Michael and I. He’s recovering from a serious concussion right now and had to miss out on Digital Dreams because of it this past weekend. DD is like his Christmas. He waits all year for it and gets everyone in our crew pumped up. This year, DD was amazing, but it was like Disney World without Mickey Mouse. The weekend just was not the same without Michael and his love and energy. He also hasn’t been able to work all summer because of his symptoms so money is tight for him right now… all he has is going to his tuition. I would love to surprise him with these tickets and give him a much needed spirit boost at Veld so he can continue on his path to to recovery. And you now what they say… a family that raves together stays together 😉

  44. Gorjan Veleticsays:

    Because I could only afford tickets for one of the two days last year, and the day I picked got rained out…

  45. Ericasays:

    I’ve been trying to win the heart of this particular girl for quite some time now, and she’s a huge EDM fan, like myself. Taking her to Veld would mean everything to me, but I just am not in the financial position to do so. If I won I just know it would be an incredible weekend filled with amazing music and even better company. Please help a girl out!

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