Curbi’s “51” Cranks Up The Wonk


Spinnin’ Records seems to be going through an identity crisis, and Curbi stands among the few artists signed to the label whose style works for its intended destination. The English producer has released a future/bass house hybrid titled “51” that accomplishes what so few of Spinnin’s tenured producers seem able to.

After a progressive house buildup that successfully strays away from the cliché while still maintaining a measure of mass appeal, Curbi employs next-level FQ sequencing methods to yield the sort of heavily modulated bass lines that send modern dance floors into a frenzy. While some of the sound effects incorporated into the arrangement of “51” give the track a gimmicky feel, the sound design expertise necessary to pull it off cannot be denied.

As such, it would behoove Spinnin’ Records to do whatever they can to keep Curbi on their roster. If recent history serves as a reminder of how successfully they’ve maintained business relationships with the other teenage artists they’ve signed, however, the 17-year-old’s future as a signee is dubious.

Nonetheless, as far as the immediate future is concerned, Curbi stands to become one of the label’s chief exports if he keeps delivering tracks like “51.”

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