Dash Berlin Adds A Layer Of Trance To The Chainsmokers’ “New York City”


2016 has only just begun, but already The Chainsmokers are keeping the momentum from their huge 2015 going. With “Roses” enjoying massive success on the charts, and a number of high profile festival appearances already booked, the NYC duo is only just getting started.

Today brings with it a Dash Berlin remix of their hit track “New York City.” More trance-y than the original version, the producer puts his own spin on it, giving the song a definite main stage feel.

For those familiar with the track, you’ll know that it’s more of a slower-paced ballad (with a neat little electro-tinged drop mixed in) that pays homage to the city that Alex and Drew grew up in. With Dash Berlin’s take, however, “New York City” is turned into a main stage ready anthem, full of euphoric sounds that are sure to give you the feels.

Keeping the vocals intact, the producer adds some heavy drum beats throughout, which help pick up the pace just a bit. Couple that with a trance-y drop that’s sure to set crowds ablaze and you have the perfect track for the festival season, which kicks off in just two months down in Miami at Ultra.

Take a listen to Dash Berlin’s remix of The Chainsmokers‘ “New York City” above and as always, leave a comment below letting us know what you think!

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