Dash Berlin And DubVision’s Yesterday Is Gone Is Uplifting Trance Bliss


Nothing like a good, cheesy trance song to get the day going. Dash Berlin is known for putting out the sort of uplifting trance anthems that ignite festival main stage crowds in euphoric movement, and his new collaboration with DubVision, titled “Yesterday Is Gone,” certainly meets that criteria.

Heartfelt vocals by Jonny Rose meet with a soft piano melody, starting the track off on a melancholic note before building up to a massive synth lead. While this preview snippet is only a little more than a minute of the “Yesterday Is Gone,” it adequately communicates the warmth of the track in a way that will surely make fans of both Dash Berlin and DubVision look forward to the full release.

Of course, that also depends on how well it’s received by you. Listen to Dash Berlin and DubVision’s “Yesterday Is Gone” in the SoundCloud embed above and tell us what you think of the track in the comments section below.