Dillon Francis Gives Madeon’s Imperium A Complextro Twist


Dillon Francis and Madeon won’t even start sharing stages every other night until next month, but it looks like they couldn’t wait to start spending time in the same creative space. Francis has released a remix of Madeon’s 2014 track “Imperium” that seasons the driving melody of the original with some of the former artist’s signature wonk.

Francis is certainly no slouch on the production front; even though he brings less new elements to this remix than most of his others, his high-energy production values are as evident as ever. The vaguely 8 bit-inspired pad synths of the original are met with invigorating sawtooths and icy plucks. There’s a fine line between making a remix your own and bastardizing it beyond recognition, and Francis manages to ride it respectably.

The release follows up the overwhelmingly positive reception of Francis recent EP, This Mixtape is Fire – which is not to discount Madeon’s own full-length effort Adventure from earlier in the year, which many still consider a contender for EDM album of the year. With any luck, this new release is a sign of more involved collaborations between the two artists in the months to follow.

Listen to Dillon Francis‘ remix of Madeon’s “Imperium” and tell us what you think of the track in the comments section.

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