DJ Snake Throws Down Timecode Vinyl Set On Ultra’s Monolithic Main Stage

With one day of Ultra Music Festival down, the EDM blogosphere is busy clamoring about which sets were best. By and large, however, bass music fans seem to agree that DJ Snake‘s set on the main stage was the heaviest – and interestingly, he threw it down on vinyl.

Let’s clear something up right away, though: As he always does, he played it on timecode vinyl synced up to MP3s using a program like Serato’s Final Scratch. As much as I’d like to imagine that DJ Snake had an entire DJ set worth of trap songs pressed to vinyl that he then lugged onstage in crates, that is absolutely not what happened.

Nonetheless, his set certainly made for an invigorating slice of the Ultra experience. Even if he went light on his own iconic productions, bass-heavy tracks from some of dance music’s biggest names kicked the energy of the crowd up several notches.

After watching DJ Snake‘s set, stay tuned for videos of others as they surface in the days to follow.