DJ Snake’s “Let Me Love You” Gets Yet Another Remix


Over the last month, DJ Snake‘s hit single with Justin Bieber on “Let Me Love You” has been remixed by everyone from Tiësto to Marshmello and Zedd, while R. Kelly and Big Sean offered up their own vocal renditions of the tune as well. The Parisian producer has now tapped Tropkillaz for yet another remix of “Let Me Love You,’ and they’ve enlisted Brazilian singer MC Livinho to provide some additional vocals.

The latest version of “Let Me Love You” opens with sublime piano chords and delicate guitar plucks, as Justin Bieber’s voice takes us through the first verse. Upbeat drum patterns are introduced into the mix, leading into vocal chop driven drops. MC Livinho then takes over in the second verse, offering up pristine falsetto hooks set against a stripped down backdrop.

While “Let Me Love You” has pretty much been remixed to death by this point, Tropkillaz and MC Livinho manage to infuse an exotic vibe into their version that sets it apart from the other reworks we’ve heard so far. That being said, there are some odd sound design choices employed throughout, particularly a series of squeaking sounds that ultimately serve as a distraction in the mix.

Though there are definitely some interesting elements in the latest version of “Let Me Love You,” at this point, we’re ready for DJ Snake to put the song down and move on to something new.