Drake’s “One Dance” Is The Most Streamed Song On Spotify


Drake is known for holding records and topping charts, but what he just accomplished is something quite unique for the Toronto-based rapper. His club banger and Views highlight, “One Dance,” is now the most streamed song on Spotify, amassing a total of over 882 million plays since its release this past April. Major Lazer previously held the record with the track “Lean On.”

It’s truly a mesmerizing feat, especially considering the song hasn’t even been out for very long. In terms of royalties, if you go by Spotify’s average pay per play rate of $0.0072, “One Dance” has netted Drake approximately $6,355,421.69 based on Spotify streams alone. Even crazier: since 1,500 song streams count as an equivalent album unit moved, his single has earned him an additional 588,464 units toward Views’ album sales. Basically, “One Dance” single-handedly gave Drake a Gold-certified album.

Despite all of the success he’s been having lately, Drake isn’t just sitting back as the money rolls in. It seems like every week there’s more and more info dropping about a new project that he’s going to be involved in. Whether it’s going to be a new mixtape or a joint record with Kanye West, we can only hope that it’ll have a song that can somehow knock“One Dance” off the Spotify throne someday.