DVBBS Announce Plans To Start Their Own Label


Hot on the heels of the news that Martin Garrix would be starting his own record label, we’re now hearing that DVBBS will be doing the same. Getting off the ground this month, KANARY will play home to the duo’s upcoming debut album and is kicking things off with a release from 19-year-old DYSN titled “We’re Alone.”

“KANARY isn’t just going to be one of those Beatport imprints servicing EDM” says Alex of DVBBS. “As you’ll hear from our debut release – as well as from our debut album which we’re currently working on – we’re going to promote great music and want to be vastly different to the big labels that are out there currently.”

It’s always exciting when an artist decides to start their own label, and in the case of DVBBS, it’s no different. Their heart-pumping, bass-heavy music has carved out a nice niche in the EDM world and it’ll be interesting to see what kind of tracks they pump out of KANARY.

“We’re Not Alone” is certainly a lot different from what we’re used to hearing from the duo, and it’s clear that they’ll be expanding their horizons to bring us a unique collection of music with their new record label.