DVBBS Go Melodic With “Angel” Featuring Dante Leon


If you enjoyed the new direction DVBBS took with “Never Leave,” then their new track ought to be right up your alley as well. The duo have released “Angel,” a song that offers up a decidedly more melodic sound than what the duo put out on efforts like “We Were Young” or “Raveheart.”

Autotuned vocals by Dante Leon are complimented by a decidedly main stage synth lead in “Angel,” but a sprinkling of modulated bass lines hint at future house having influenced the arrangement to some degree. While rumor has it that DVBBS may not play the most active role in their productions, the track is still infectious enough that it will almost surely find its way into countless DJ sets as the EDM world gears up for festival season.

In the months leading up to the summer, you can be sure that more music will arrive from DVBBS, so if you liked “Angel,” then definitely keep on the lookout.