An Electronic Music Elitist’s Guide To Coachella 2016


If you’ve been anywhere on or around the Internet anytime over the past couple of weeks, you have to have seen Coachella’s 2016 lineup. While not primarily marketed as an electronic music event, the festival has undeniably slid further into the genre’s kitzchy depths in recent years and this year’s roster certainly didn’t break the trend.

However, what hasn’t changed about Coachella is that it’s still a hipsterfest of monumental proportions. Names like Calvin Harris, Major Lazer and Zedd might tower over those that found their way buried in the fine print, but the culture of the gathering is built on a foundation of music fans fastidious enough to weed through every single line.

Don’t worry, though – that doesn’t mean you have to. I happen to be an insufferable music elitist, which qualifies me to tell you exactly which artists the trendy attendees will go see so that you don’t have to look each of them up individually beforehand.

The following ten electronic music artists wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere near a main stage, and quite frankly, if you’re doing Coachella properly, then neither will you.