Eminem’s daughter Hailie is one of her dad’s top Spotify listeners

With the season of Spotify Wrapped upon us, showing users’ top songs and artists of the year, we’re getting the somewhat unsurprising reveal that rapper Eminem’s daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers, is one of her father’s top fans.

The 25-year-old Hailie made the reveal on TikTok Wednesday that she is such a Stan for Em that the rapper not only made it to the top of her most-listened-to chart, but she is also among the top 3% of his Spotify listeners.

It was refreshing for many fans to see Em’s daughter give a shout out to him publicly since the pair remain notoriously private about their tight relationship, E Online reports.

“I know you and your dad keep things extremely private but we love your relationship,” a TikTok user exclaimed. “This was such a cute video.”

“He loves you so much Hailie,” another user gushed. “[Y]’all are so sweet.”

“This makes me SO Happy,” a fan wrote.

“Your dad lets you listen to Eminem? Wow!” another fan joked, referencing the artist’s infamously vulgar lyrics known to sometimes enrage parents and take shots at his own family.

Slim Shady’s family life has been tumultuous over the years, particularly his troubled relationship with Hailie’s mom, so it’s nice to see a genuinely cute story about his daughter.

A quaint anecdote is even making the rounds on the internet about how the rapper gave his demo tape sales pitch to band members of Korn during Eminem‘s pre-fame appearance as an extra in one of their music videos.