Eric Prydz’s New Beats 1 Radio Show Looks To Be A Bi-Weekly Revelation


2015 is turning out to be the year of Eric Prydz. The Swedish DJ/producer’s Epic 3.0 performance at Madison Square Gardens last year propelled him into the progressive house stratosphere, and while he’s already been around for over a decade, the boost in popularity has become a platform by which he’s released three monthly EPs leading up to his upcoming self-titled debut album.

As of today, though, he’s added an all-new radio show to his growing list of power plays.

Where the conventional electronic music artist might go the safe route of commemorating an album with a one-off BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, Prydz has opted to kick off a recurring radio show which will take place every two weeks on Apple Music brainchild Beats 1. In this first edition, the virtuoso premieres 11 new songs – including album originals which we can now identify as “Lost Dragon” and “Multo,” as well as the Four Tet remix of Prydz’s own aptly titled “Opus.”

Meanwhile, with Pryda Vol I, II and III all under his belt, the monumental release of Eric Prydz‘ debut studio album will take place any day now. In the meantime, though, listen to his inaugural Beats 1 broadcast here.