Eric Prydz Steps It Up With Pryda Vol. II



Eric Prydz has released the tracks from his Pryda Vol. II EP, the second of three monthly releases leading up to his debut full-length album in October. While we were a bit critical of what Prydz delivered last month, the tracks on Vol. II clearly come from the era during which the Swedish producer came into his own and arrived at the balanced, moving progressive house sound that has come to garner him such renown in the dance music community.

Totaling nearly an hour, “Annexet,” “Clapham,” “Snaz,” “Rush,” T.I.D” and “Welcome To My House” showcase the heavily modulated synth arpeggios and long, driving grooves that have come to be synonymous with the name Eric Prydz. Ranging from dark and contemplative to bright and uplifting, these six tracks make for a dramatic leap from those of Vol. I.

Check out the six tracks from Eric Prydz‘ Pryda Vol. II and tell us whether they’ve made you more excited for his upcoming debut album by sounding off in the comments section below.

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