Excision Announces 2017 Tour Featuring The Paradox

In the last two months, we’ve seen Excision drop his latest annual Shambhala mix before taking fans by storm with the release of his third studio album Virus at the end of October. Packed with sixteen high octane tracks in his usual bass heavy style, Excision’s latest studio offering is a fan pleaser by all accounts, and now he’s ready to back it up with a 2017 tour scheduled to kick off in January.

The Excision 2017 Tour will feature The Paradox, a massive stage production that blows most DJ’s live setups out of the water. Complete with 150,000 watts of “face melting” PK sound and 3D mapped visuals, it’s an impressive stage to say the last. To support the tour, the Canadian dubstep master will be bringing along bass leaning DJs like Cookie Monsta, Barely Alive and Dion Trimmer.

So far, a ton of dates have been announced with stops confirmed for major cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Denver and more. Excision promises more dates will be added later, with further stops being worked out for Canada, Europe and “some additional countries around the world” according to the Facebook post.

Check out the announced dates below and stay tuned for more information.