Exclusive Interview: Bakermat Talks Travelling And Upcoming Album


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In the midst of a European tour, Bakermat braved the trek out to the mountainous haven of Shambhala Music Festival to bring fans his trademark brand of soothing tropicalia. Having discovered house music at the age of 12, it’s no wonder so many people flock to his tastefully curated productions.

The Dutch producer is scheduled to release his first full-length album this year, which he promises to be “more than just back-to-back dance tracks.” Sporting his trademark blue drumcorps jacket, we had the chance to catch up with Bakermat at Shambhala to get a few words on this debut release. Read on to hear him explain his writing process and drop hints about the future.


The role of festivals has always centered around escape and experience. Does your background in psychology influence the intentions of your music? 

BakermatI did psychology at university but I wouldn’t say that my music is too influenced by it. The way I make music is a little more to do with an emotional connection. When I compose the melodies for my tracks, it always comes from the heart.

How have your travels affected your music? Is there anything you’ve learned about yourself from this lifestyle?

Bakermat: I have travelled all over the world with my music and have luckily met some amazing people as a result. I would say that seeing the world has opened my eyes and made me more receptive to the influence of visual mediums now than before. It’s impossible not to create music to a picture and being able to witness such an array of different landscapes and cultures has been very important to the producing process. Touring is not easy as you always have a certain yearning for home no matter how beautiful the location you are in, but I have pushed myself to the limits and am certainly more aware of myself as a result.

Can you give any details regarding your upcoming album? Track titles, collaborators, concept… anything?

Bakermat:I am really happy with how the album is coming along and it’s very nearly finished. I think it will show my diversity as a musician as well as my experimental nature. The album isn’t back-to-back dance tracks; I have a beatless track, a ballad and one slowed to 100bpm. It’s very exciting and I’m looking forward to sharing it with the world.

You mentioned in a previous interview that one of your dreams would be to tour the world with a massive orchestra. Can we expect anything similar to this in the future?

Bakermat: I tour at the moment with my friend, Ben, an incredibly talented live saxophonist, who brings amazing energy to all of my shows. I’ve always been obsessed with live instruments over electronic music so I’d love to expand upon it one day. I’ve already played a few shows with a big band and I’m really looking forward to expand it more. I can’t say too much, but maybe you’ll see the Live Band again in 2016… Who knows what’s next?

Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Bakermat: Thank you for your continued support and especially those who have supported my newest single “Teach Me.” I look forward to seeing you all at my next show!

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