Feed Me, Lane 8, ATTLAS & More Remix Deadmau5’s Classic “Strobe”


After teasing something big for their 100th release late last month, Mau5trap has finally released the dedicated “Strobe” remix EP today, featuring five reworks of deadmau5‘s progressive house classic by Feed Me, ATTLAS, Lane 8, Com Truise and Dimension.

Feed Me’s previously heard remix kicks off the collection with a hard hitting electro rendition that injects some extra energy into the somber house anthem. Lane 8 keeps the 4×4 vibe going strong with the familiar synth patterns transposed onto a harp like sound as minimal beats keep the song rolling. ATTLAS, meanwhile, comes in strong with a spacey re-imagining with dreamy synths, deep atmospheres and echoing percussion.

Switching things up, Dimension delivers an excellent liquid drum and bass flip of “Strobe,” transforming the original song’s steady four on the floor rhythms into pumelling breakbeats while icy synths ring out the iconic melodies. Com Truise offers up the least recognizable mix, layering warbly synth lines over mid-tempo drum patterns and reverb drenched atmosphere.

It’s been a major week for dance music, with mau5trap celebrating their 100th release while Skrillex’s label OWSLA just released a five year anniversary recap video. It’s definitely a good time for a nostalgic trip down memory lane to the glory days of EDM, and the new EP serves as the perfect soundtrack.

The “Strobe” remix EP is available for purchase here.