Feed Me Takes On Deadmau5 With Stunning “Strobe” Remix


Last month, a live video surfaced on social media that depicted Feed Me dropping a re-imagining of deadmau5’s progressive house classic “Strobe” during one of his DJ sets. After a month of anticipation, EDM’s favorite green monster is back as his full remix hits the internet for streaming.

Feed Me’s “Strobe” remix clocks in at a staggering nine and a half minutes and uses its lengthy duration to cover a wide range of sonic terrain. While the original track is known for its downtempo vibes, the new version opts to inject some hard hitting electro while maintaining the familiar synthesizer patterns. After delivering an energetic drop, Feed Me lets the percussion drop away for an emotive breakdown featuring a stark rework of the iconic melodies from the original tune before diving into another house driven section.

Mau5trap began teasing a dedicated “Strobe” EP for their 100th release last month, which is set to feature reworks of the iconic track from Lane 8, Com Truise, ATTLAS, and more. According to Feed Me‘s SoundCloud description for his rendition of “Strobe,” MAU50100 is scheduled for release this Friday, so stay tuned for more incoming “Strobe” remixes tomorrow.

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