Flume’s New Album Is Not Meant For Festivals


Flume‘s forthcoming album, Skin, is almost here. We can nearly taste it. So far we’ve got our ears wrapped around two official tracks off the LP, and it’s shaping up to be a juicy masterpiece. However, Flume admits he’s diving into a more intricate sound, one that isn’t necessarily apt for festival mainstages and throwing your hands in the air.

The Australian producer recently had a chat with Triple J about the playability of his music, and here’s what he had to say:

“Some really got it and were really into, some were a bit confus[ed] but that’s good…it’s just different… The beats flip up, it’s kind of complicated and it’s not festival music, it’s more headphone [music]. So some of it, I think was pretty challenging, and some of it went really well, but overall I think it was a really good outcome.”

Still, don’t think that Flume is forgoing any festivals just because he hasn’t created “festival music.” He’s already headlining Laneway Festival, and is doubtless going to find his way onto event billings around the world.

Have a listen to “Smoke And Retribution” above, and tell us if you couldn’t get down to this style.

Source: Your EDM

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