Gareth Emery Reveals Next Album Release Date, Will Feature New Christina Novelli Track


After giving us the incredible Drive back in 2014, Gareth Emery is now gearing up to release his next studio album. While it’s still without a name, the producer has been talking it up quite a bit recently and if you’ve caught him during any of his Electric For Life shows in the past few months, then you’ve surely heard some of his new material.

We had the chance to catch up with the DJ after he touched down in Toronto last weekend for a 6 hour set, and during our interview, I asked Gareth what we can expect from the upcoming album. Here’s what he had to say:

And what about your upcoming album. Will it be more contemporary trance like Drive or more pure trance like Northern Lights?

Gareth Emery: It’s somewhere in the middle, for sure. It’s a good meeting of the two. But I wouldn’t compare it to either of them. There’s some really amazing tracks on it though. About 7 out of 10 are vocal, too. With Drive, we always knew that “U” would be the lead single. With Northern Lights it was always going to be “Sanctuary.” With the new album, there’s like 7 songs that could be the lead single.

A lot of cool bands are featured, too. Like people who have never done electronic music before. But there’s some familiar faces as well. Like Christina Novelli has a song on there. Actually, it’s the follow-up to “Concrete Angel.” But at the time, we decided that it was too similar to that song. So we put out “Dynamite” first, and saved this one for the new album.

Looking back now, though, I’m like ‘wow, this record is even better than Dynamite. It should of gone on Drive.’ So I’m not making the same mistake again. [Laughs]. It’s definitely going on the new album. It won’t be a single though, you’ll first hear it on the album.

Does the album have a release date yet?

Gareth Emery: February. And first single in November.

Perhaps the most exciting takeaway here is that we’re getting another Christina Novelli collaboration, which was expected but is still very welcome news, given that the past two tracks that she worked on with the producer, “Dynamite” and “Concrete Angel,” are two of Emery’s best songs. No doubt they have something very special in store for us with their third effort together, and hearing that it’s going to be similar to “Concrete Angel” definitely has us excited, as that’s an absolutely timeless and iconic track.

Tell us, are you looking forward to hearing what Gareth Emery and Christina Novelli have cooked up together for the producer’s new album? Sound off below and let us know.