Gareth Emery Is Stepping Away From Social Media


Taking to Facebook for a lengthy rant this week, Gareth Emery has announced his intention to take a step back from social media in order to focus on his music and what drove him to become an artist in the first place. In a time where online branding has become a critical aspect in growing a career as a DJ, the English producer is sparking discussion on what effect this has on the music itself.

In the post, Emery states that he will be putting down his iPhone and logging out of social media for a few months in order to fully invest himself in creating and playing music. He goes on to state that he got into music producing to make art that will live on after his death, not to gain likes for posting “immaculately edited picture of his meals which got tons of likes but were old news before he’d even shat them out.”

Don’t think Gareth Emery‘s social media accounts will be disappearing though. They’ll still be active under the direction of an online “ghost producer” of sorts to keep you updated on new music, tour dates, etc.

Check out the full post below for more information on Emery’s decision to leave social media:

Source: Your EDM