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Gareth Emery Unleashes Another Glorious Trance Remix

Gareth Emery has delivered an impeccable collage of progressive trance.

Once again, Gareth Emery has delivered an impeccable collage of progressive trance that has us on our feet. Taking his original work on “Reckless,” and amping the mix with the help of Luke Bond, we’ve been offered another masterpiece of euphoria.

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A gorgeous symphonic background supplies the atmosphere for Wayward Daughter’s vocals, and the hands of both Emery and Luke Bond are more than apparent. Spritely synth leads kick the vibe into gear, and sequenced arpeggiations embellish the already heart-pounding topline. And though the percussion is largely synthetic, the boxed out kick more than makes up for the low-end, leaving the frequencies delightfully filled.

Have a listen to the preview above and head over to iTunes to snag Gareth Emery and Luke Bond’s “Reckless” remix for your own collection.