Google To Go After iTunes?

Apparently Google is in talks with various recording studios to set up their own version of Apple’s ‘iTunes’. Rolling Stone tells us that the talks are still in preliminary stages but it is something that Google is hoping to do in the near future, possibly by 2011.

Experts are saying that the Google program will allow users to stream all the music from their iTunes or Windows Media Player library, to their Android phones. This will eliminate the process of having to sync up your phone with your computer to be able to play music on it.

Vic Gundotra, VP of Engineering at Google says:

“We think users are going to love this feature”

Google is going to allow users to upload all their music to a remote server and access it from anywhere. This means you wouldn’t need your own computer to be able to browse and play your songs.

Google is still in the early stages of planning this but it does sound promising.

What do you think?