GRiZ Returns With New Album Good Will Prevail


After much anticipation, GRiZ has returned to release his fifth studio album, Good Will Prevail, over the weekend, delivering a solid collection of thirteen funk influenced dance tracks. The LP was first announced in late August, while a number of singles were released to preview the then upcoming work ahead of its release.

Opener “Wicked” kicks Good Will Prevail off in style, blending a heavy dubstep production with GRiZ’s usual funk influence, as reverb drenched guitar licks and Eric Krasno’s smooth singing ring out over distorted basslines. “My Friends And I” with ProbCause features a similar aesthetic, with metallic bass hits set against a barrage of horn melodies and rapped verses.

“Rather Be Free” rolls deep with chugging synths and punchy beats set alongside Muzzy Bear’s bluesy vocal delivery, while “Feelin’ Fine” takes the feel good vibes to the next level with uplifting horn melodies and a soothing electronic backdrop. “What We’ve Become,” meanwhile, takes an unexpected turn with a future garage influenced production, with shuffled beats, staccato synth slaps and jazzy melodies.

On Good Will Prevail, GRiZ offers up a constant slew of funk tinged bangers with a tracklist that just won’t quit. The marriage of swanky guitar licks, soaring saxophone solos and soulful vocal hooks set against a backdrop of thumping rhythms and club ready bass is a perfect combination and the execution of these ideas couldn’t have been handled better.

Good Will Prevail is now available for purchase and you can pick it up here.

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