This New Grum Track Will Get “Under Your Skin”


Since being signed to Anjunabeats, Scottish progressive house DJ/producer Grum has been blessed with an ever-growing audience – and his latest release follows the upward trend. On the most recent edition of their radio show, Above & Beyond have given “Under Your Skin” the honor of Group Therapy Record of the Week, exposing it to the program’s worldwide listener base.

As with Grum’s other releases, the introspective soundscape that is “Under Your Skin” matches the more classical definition of progressive house – one that more closely compares to what artists like Eric Prydz put out than the releases of mainstagers like Hardwell and Martin Garrix. Vocal contributions by Rothchild compliment the groove of the track exquisitely, coloring its driving melody with a somber melancholy that suits it well.

It’s almost been half a year since Grum‘s previous release, but with any luck 2016 will see more tracks from the celebrated talent.

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