Harry Styles Talks Potential One Direction Reunion


It’s been about a year now that One Direction announced that they’d be taking a well-deserved hiatus. After becoming one of the biggest boy bands to ever grace the planet, the break is allowing the guys to become their own entity for once, and no longer be tied to their former fame. Of course, it’s easier said than done, because no matter what they do, they’ll always be hammered with questions about a potential reunion. Case in point: Harry Styles addressed whether One Direction will be back someday in an interview in Another Man magazine.

Speaking with Chelsea Handler, Styles says that, while it’s good for the band to be exploring different things, he wants a reunion to happen naturally with all members on board. You can view the full quote here.

There’d be nothing worse than a half-hearted reunion where the band gets back together for a one-off show when they aren’t really feeling it. If they come back someday, it needs to be in full force … but it’s probably difficult for them to move on temporarily if they keep being asked about their past when they’re involved with other ventures.

For Styles, he’s keeping busy in life after One Direction in both music and film. He’ll be playing a role in the new Christopher Nolan-directed film, Dunkirk, expected out next summer, and there’s also a solo album looming up ahead. While we don’t know when an album will actually come out, he’s already signed a deal with Columbia Records and worked with the likes of Snow Patrol, so whatever he’s got planned for a post-One Direction career, it looks like it’s going to be big.