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How do you pronounce Dua Lipa’s name?

Dua Lipa is one of the most interesting artists in the world right now and her name is equally fascinating. How do you pronounce it, though?

Dua Lipa
Jason Koerner/Getty Images for Permanent Press Media

Dua Lipa is one of the music world’s fastest-rising stars.

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Some of the singles from her first album remain mainstays on radio stations despite the four years that have passed since she made her debut. She’s also recorded singles with some of the biggest names in music, like Megan Thee Stallion and Elton John, and was certified platinum before she turned 25.

As Dua Lipa’s star continues to rise, her name comes up more and more in conversation. Thanks to the less-than-common nature of said name, some people are struggling to figure out how, precisely, you pronounce it.

How to pronounce Dua Lipa’s name

Dua Lipa
Jason Koerner/Getty Images

Pronouncing the Albanian singer’s name isn’t as daunting as appearances might make it seem. It isn’t a stage name or a moniker, either, but is the same name the 26-year-old was given at birth. Growing up in London, Lipa has noted that it was difficult having such a unique name, but over the years she’s come to love it.

Dua Lipa is pronounced pretty much exactly like it looks. Make that “u” sound nice and long, and ensure that the “i” is pronounced like an “e.” It should sound like “Doo-ah Lee-pa” if you’re saying it right, according to Elite Daily