How Old Is The Kid Laroi?

One of the biggest artists to appear out of the pandemic era so far has been The Kid Laroi. An Australian hip-hop/pop artist, Charlton Howard came into the spotlight with the release of his debut mixtape F*ck Love in 2020 which peaked at number one in his home country of Australia.

Over the past year, The Kid Laroi’s stardom has only grown larger as he’s appeared alongside high-profile artists like Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, and the late Juice WRLD. It’s no real secret that The Kid Laroi is young both in his career and age, but just how old is the rising star?

How Old is He?

Australian musician Charlton Howard, or more commonly known as The Kid Laroi is currently 18 years olds having just celebrated his birthday on August 17.

The artist began his music career in 2018 and over just a few short years has boomed in popularity, moved to the states, and collaborated with some of the biggest names in music. His most recent single Stay featuring Justin Beiber has been a massive success accumulating more than 34 million listens in the week following its launch and taking its place at the top of the streaming songs charts for that date.

Being such a young age there are still plenty of years left in his young career and it remains to be seen just how high his stardom will rise. With the trajectory, The Kid Laroi has been on and the names he’s managed to already work alongside fans should expect big things to come in the next few years.