Jauz’ New Knife Party Remix Has Bass Wobbles For Days


It looks as though a little role reversal is going on between Jauz and Knife Party these days. It wasn’t all that long ago that Knife party revealed they would be adopting some of the ever-popular bass house sound that has become the former artist’s calling card, but it looks like he’s returned the favor by remixing their upcoming release, “PLUR Police,” into a dubstep banger of bone-shaking magnitude.

In a move of classic misdirection, Knife Party addressed their most recent in a series of album release delays by uploading a preview of the remix. While we’re certainly used to hearing such expertly tweaked bass wobbles in Jauz’ other productions, many of the effects and other elements sound like something you might expect from the likes of Excision or Borgore. Perhaps Skrillex rubbed off on him when the two collaborated on “Squad Out” a couple months ago?

As we continue to wait for Knife Party’s follow-up to last year’s Abandon Ship, listen to the preview of Jauz‘ remix of “Plur Police” and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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