Jauz Takes On The Chainsmokers With “Closer” Remix


Jauz is back with a new remix of the biggest song in dance music as he delivers a flip of The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” featuring Halsey. We’ve already heard a number of solid reworks of the hit single from artists like Slushii and Two Friends, and now EDM’s favorite shark is offering up his own re-imagining of the future bass tinged pop song.

The new remix picks up the pace compared to the original, delivering a sped-up four on the floor take of “Closer” with driving rhythms and a steady hitting bassline. Drew and Halsey’s vocals still serve as the primary focus throughout the new mix, but the arrangement has been swapped out with a number of new elements, including whining 8-bit leads, uplifting synth chords and some interesting vocoder effects. The second drop represents the song’s strongest section, as Jauz channels Marshmello vibes with stuttering vocal chops and bright melodies over skittering beats.

The new “Closer” remix is a bit difficult to categorize, and Jauz certainly manages to inject some unexpected production points into his rendition. His usual exercises in hard hitting bass are notably absent which may disappoint some fans, but its certainly worthy of a listen regardless.

Jauz has offered up his new remix as a free download, so be sure to grab it here if you’re digging it.

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