Above & Beyond Let Bryan Cranston Push The Button


EDM has seen its fair share of film and television crossovers over the past few years, but this one is a strange fit indeed. UK trance outfit Above & Beyond brought Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston onstage during their set at EDC Las Vegas for a special version of their “push the button” ritual, which evoked some macabre elements of the program that clashed somewhat with the their otherwise uplifting stage show.

At almost every show, Above & Beyond invite a fan onstage to push the button that cues the next track – in this case, “Walter White,” a song named after Cranston’s iconic character on the show. Before doing so, Cranston paid homage to his famous role by reciting one of his more memorable lines.

“Say my name,” he bellowed over the mic to the sold-out crowd of tens of thousands. “You’re goddamn right! Walter White, Above & Beyond!”

Cranston’s appearance didn’t exactly detract from the duo’s performance, but I can’t help but wonder: At 59 years old, did he even know who Above & Beyond were before their team approached him? It’s unclear what sort of statement the stunt was supposed to make, and it doesn’t really fit with most of what the brand puts out.

Check out Bryan Cranston’s appearance during Above & Beyond‘s set at EDC Las Vegas at 1:15 in the video above and tell us, do you get what they were going for, or are you just as confused as we are?