JoJo Shares Title Track For New Record Mad Love


JoJo’s been back with a force ever since announcing her new album, Mad Love, which will be released via Atlantic Records on October 14th. We’ve already heard the record’s lead single and Wiz Khalifa collaboration, “F–k Apologies,” but JoJo is giving us all a little more of a taste of what’s to come with the title track, “Mad Love.”

While “F–k Apologies” took more an upbeat direction that we’ve been used to hearing from JoJo over the past ten years, “Mad Love” takes the concept of genre expectations and flips it on its head. “Mad Love” is mid-tempo, dreamy, and unlike anything she’s done before, but it may just be one of her most personal songs yet. In an interview with Vogue, JoJo said that “Mad Love” was the product of a broken relationship that she couldn’t let go of. That emotion is expressed throughout the entirety of the song, as she belts out lyrics like, “You give me bad love / But I’ll take what I get / I’m starving for it.”

JoJo may be starving for bad love in her lyrics, but her songs released thus far from her forthcoming album says she’s starving for a comeback. After being stuck in label purgatory with Blackground Records, she was unable to come out with an album on her own terms, which is why Mad Love is hitting shelves more than a decade after The High Road. It seems like it’s going to be well worth the wait.

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