Julian Jordan’s Lost Words Breaks The Mold


A legitimate criticism of just about any EDM genre is it could probably have sufficed at one song or album – so on the occasion that an artist manages create a piece of music that pushes the boundaries of what a particular style is expected to sound like, the electronic music community pays attention. As such, it stands to reason that Dutch DJ/producer Julian Jordan will become a household name in the months to follow if “Lost Words” is any indication.

Case in point: The track is progressive house, there’s no doubt about that, but it somehow feels like you’re selling it short if you just call it that. There are more powerful elements at work here; pitch shifted vocal samples put through a stutter edit lead up to a vaguely chiptune-inspired synth lead that soars through the same otherworldly scale as Zedd’s “Spectrum.” The end result is a monumental main stage banger that still manages to be cerebral enough to appeal to any producer’s producer present in the audience.

While “Lost Words” is by no means his first release through Spinnin’, Julian Jordan is still a fresh face in the EDM world. Time will tell whether his future productions will measure up to the momentum of this track – but suffice it to say he’s got our attention.

If you enjoyed this preview of Julian Jordan‘s “Lost Words” then look out for the official release of the track through Spinnin’ on August 28th, and in the meantime, tell us what you think of the track in the comments section below.