Julian Jordan’s “All Night” Tweaks Electro Back To The 90’s


Exquisitely mixed, skillfully arranged, intelligently designed. These sound like descriptions of the latest Apple product, but they’re choice articulations for Julian Jordan’s latest single, “All Night.”

It’s certainly house, but not as anything we’ve heard lately. Euro horns are present as you’d expect from a Spinnin’ release, and there’s an undeniable air of electro in the mix, but the rolling snares hint at a different spirit.

“All Night’s” bassline and rhythm tip towards a 90’s inspired breakbeat, and its acid inspired sequences flutter in the builds, while a gated breakdown captivates the topline. To complete the arrangement, there’s a tinge of bass house wrapped up, and the one or two moments of so-much-reverb-it-echoes are enough to take you back to an underground warehouse party.

Grab Julian Jordan’s “All Night” for yourself as a free download, and click above to get on board the hype train.