Kaskade Teases A Diplo Collaboration In New Interview


Every now and then a couple of artists tease a collaboration that makes the world of electronic music stand at attention for the weight carried by their names alone. Recently, progressive house heartthrob Kaskade revealed that he’s got a collaboration with none other than bass music pioneer Diplo in the works.

In an interview with Popspoken, Kaskade discussed topics ranging from piracy and drug use in the world of dance music (he’s resigned to a healthy grey area on both matters). When asked about upcoming collaborations, he mentioned:

I’ve been talking to Diplo about making music. That dude has a crazier schedule than mine. I’m sure one of these days, it’ll happen.

While the quote by no means gives either artist’s respective fan base any idea of when to expect their eventual joint effort, it certainly piques our interest. More importantly, it begs the question: What might a Kaskade and Diplo track even sound like?