Kennedy Jones Remixes Getter And Bear Grillz “EDM”


Kennedy Jones took on two EDM giants this week, taking on rising bass stars Getter and Bear Grillz on a re-work of their Dubstep collab “EDM.” Giving the bass heavy banger a Trap overhaul, Jones’ remix saw its premiere on Firepower Records yesterday.

Bear Grillz and Getter’s original ode to everyone’s favorite three letter musical acronym was a monster of a Dubstep track, and Jones seamlessly brings the track into Trap territory, mixing in booming 808 kicks and snappy snare rushes alongside rapid fire lazer sounds.

The memorable vocal samples from the original version retain their prominent placement in the new remix, helping to maintain the track’s satirical commentary on the state of dance music. While most of the Dubstep elements have been removed in favor raucous sound design, Jones’ version of “EDM” never skips a beat.

While not a major deviation from the the Getter/Grillz version, Kennedy Jones interjects plenty of original sounds into his remix to keep things interesting, without losing the playful touch that made the track so relevant.