Keys N Krates’ “Nothing But Space” Fills The Void


It may have taken a streaker to put the music of Keys N Krates in the ears of a global audience, but anyone with a finger on the pulse of electronic music can attest that they were putting out next-level tracks since long before such an incident brought them into mainstream consciousness. The Toronto-based trio spent the better part of 2015 proving their electronic music credentials, too, and they’ve kicked off 2016 with a track that accomplishes as much.

“Nothing But Space” is the sort of chill trap/future bass that’s become a hot commodity in the wake of more traditional dubstep and trap’s gradual fade into obscurity. Synths and a top line contributed by vocalist Aqui put through a dissonant portamento paint a serene dreamscape in the mind of the listener, which makes for a welcome addition to Keys N Krates’ already vibrant discography.

Give “Nothing But Space” by Keys N Krates featuring Aqui a listen above and let us know what you think of the track by commenting below.