Knife Party Hint At Pendulum Reunion In Beats 1 Interview


You can’t have a conversation about contemporary electro house without Knife Party‘s name coming up, but what members of the EDM generation might not realize is that the duo were once part of a legendary drum and bass group called Pendulum. According to a recent interview, though, fans of the latter group may have reason to rejoice as it sounds like a reunion hasn’t been altogether ruled out.

In a Beats 1 interview, Zane Lowe spoke with Knife Party’s Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen about a series of topics – including the duo’s tongue-in-cheek modus operandi and their upcoming Trigger Warning EP. The meat of the conversation consisted of Zane’s inquiries about Pendulum, however. When asked by Lowe if the group was definitely over and done, both artists responded, “I wouldn’t say that just yet.”

While a Pendulum reunion is still purely speculative, Knife Party‘s Trigger Warning EP is due any day now. As Swire or McGrillen provide updates on either front, you can count on us to make them available to you.